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Full Training board:

Whether you have an un-started youngster that you would like us to prepare for the baby greens or a show horse that just needs to be tuned up from time to time, we are able to accommodate you. At Hidden Hill Farm, we know that not every horse fits into every program. So, we tailor the program to meet the needs of the specific horse, and if for some reason, we feel that we are unable to make you happy, we will happily help you find someone who can. The best interest of the horse is always the top priority for us. Full training board can be a combination of training rides and lessons. We are here to help you reach your horse show goals!

On farm leases available on a few select show horses.

Consignment board:

Your horse will receive only the best care and stay in a professional program while being offered for sale. Hidden Hill Farm will handle all aspects of the marketing and sale for you. We will keep all photos and videos current, handle all correspondence from buyers, help arrange their travel and accommodations, present your horse's best qualities to the buyer, negotiate the sale, provide all proper legal documents to protect you from liability and arrange to have your horse shipped safely to his new location. And, because we guarantee transparency from our end of the sale, we are happy to connect buyer and seller to allow you to stay connected to your horse to in his new home if you should so desire.

Young Horse Program:

Our signature young horse program is designed to help your unstarted or lightly started youngster develop into the show horse of your dreams. We believe that the foundation is hands down the most important part of your horse's education. It's the piece that everything else will eventually be built upon. And, you have one chance to do that right. We provide show quality care and pay attention to all the little details during this critical time in their development.

The first part of the process focuses on groundwork and extensive desensitization. Most of the horses we see are going to eventually show in the adult or amateur divisions. They need to be suitable and safe for their future partners.

We then move on to a well-rounded under saddle program. Your horse will learn everything from the absolute basics to the fine tuning of a sophisticated show horse depending on the length of their stay. We have multiple rings, miles of trails and provide a plethora of new experiences to keep their brains happily engaged during this process.

As a nation, we have become "procurers" of nice young horses. Many trainers and clients simply fly to Europe to pick out a "green" show horse that someone else has trained for a year or two (if not more). Unfortunately, that leaves a generation of trainers who never had the opportunity to experience what it takes to develop a young horse from the ground up.

While there are still a handful of professionals out there who understand what it takes to train a young horse, it becomes harder for them to do while maintaining a rigorous show schedule. They simply don't have the time. Consistency is key to making progress with a youngster, and leaving them for days or weeks at a time isn't ideal. Yet, dragging babies around to the shows they aren't yet ready for is incredibly expensive and not conducive to great learning either. Our young horse program is the perfect solution.

We have decades of experience developing champions who have gone on to win from coast to coast. We love watching the horses learn and always treat them as our very own. At Hidden Hill Farm, your baby horse will thrive.

If you are from out of the area (as most of our young horse clients are), we provide you with regular photo and video updates so that you can stay connected and feel comfortable with how your horse looks, feels and is progressing.

If you are in the area, we invite you to come weekly and watch your horse be ridden, and eventually lesson on them so that when it's time to transition back to your regular program, or graduate to something new, you will already be a solid team.

So, if you are one of the brave souls who have invested in or bred a youngster, congratulations! Let us help you eliminate any stress and guess work. We want you to enjoy this very rewarding process. We are committed to helping your young horse be the absolute best, most confident, well-adjusted, rideable baby horse that he or she has the potential to be.

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